MAJESTY – Vlog on their brand new youtube channel

MAJESTY have posted a first vlog as a teaser to their new record „Generation Steel“ coming out on March 20th. This is what has just reached us:
“Here is the fist Vlog on the brand new MAJESTY YouTube Channel which also features a small teaser of the new MAJESTY video clip “Hawks Will Fly” which will be released on February 28th. Don´t forget to suscribe to the channel!”

SKULL FIST – Soundtrack for horror movie „Deathgasm“

Our North American Metal institution SKULL FIST is delivering the soundtrack for an Australian horror movie which is currently being produced. It is entitled „Deathgasm“ and SKULL FIST are participating with their song „Hour To Live“ in it. Heavy Metal plays a leading roll in the movie.

Here is a first trailer for you to watch:

TROLLFEST – New endorser ESP guitars

TrollfesT is now officially endorsed by ESP Guitars​. We are beyond ourselves with excitement – the band says.
“I got my first ESP back in ’98. I still have it and I still play it. These guitars are as reliable as a Russian tank! Easily and smoothly played, like a game of oiled up, naked volleyball!” – Dr. Leif MD.

“Since I was a kid ESP has made the guitars of my dreams. So being a part of the ESP family now is a dream come true.” – Mr.Seidel

“I got my LTD when on tour when my old bass broke. It sounded and felt better then other brands that were 3 times the price. After 100 shows, countless miles on the road, planes,
stagedives and rough handling the instrument its still in perfect shape and sounds great. Love it!” – Lodd Bolt

FROSTTIDE – Release lyric-video as a teaser for the upcoming album“Blood Oath”

To make time pass by a little quicker until „Blood Oath“, the new FROSTTIDE record, will be released on Feb 20th via Noiseart Records, the guys have finished a first lyric video for it. It ´s for the song „Fate Redefined“ and you should definitely check it out:

“When thinking about which track would be the best candidate to be the single for “Blood Oath”, “Fate Redefined” was with no doubt the one. For us, this is the perfect track that shows how the sound of the “early” Frosttide blends with the sound that we have achieved to this day“, the band explains. “This song is the most straightforward track of the album. Yet it has many details. You will grasp something new with every new listen. It is a very interesting track with a verse riff that has some nice groove to it, a bridge with an epic atmosphere that leads to a well balanced chorus and of course not to forget the solo section! We are looking forward to play this song for you on the coming live shows. Enjoy!”

Talking about live shows: the band will play the PAGANFEST tour this spring, check it out!

MAJESTY unveil ‘Generation Steel’ artwork

Today MAJESTY officially presented the cover artwork for their new album ‘Generation Steel’ which will be released on March 20st. It is the bands first ‘widescreen’ artwork and perfectly represents the power of their new record. The artwork was painted by Chinese based artist Guang Yang.